"Living Human is a must-read!"

Whitney Holtzman

Best-selling author of "You Are the First You"

"Empowering, articulate & poised."

Aneka Srinivasan

Project Lead - Mental Health Foundation of Australia

"Flic opens her heart!"

Fred Schebesta

Founder of Finder, Author of "Go Live"

Flic Manning - Living Human Debut Memoir - Coming 2021

"A profound story of hope and resilience."

Jacinta Parsons

ABC Radio Broadcaster and Author of "Unseen"

"Make this book your bible!"

Mark Bunn

Best-Selling Author of "Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health"

"A gift that keeps on giving."

Leanne Raven

CEO of Crohn’s & Colitis Australia

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Flic Manning's compelling new book Living Human - A Wellness Memoir: Sustainable Strategies for Invisible Illness takes you through her rollercoaster story of struggling with pain and illness as a dancer, to finding her voice and her most human, raw and powerful self as an entrepreneur, speaker and wellness advocate. Filled with humour, heart and essential life lessons; Living Human is a book about embracing the very essence of life against the odds.

Upcoming book: The Mind Symphony

Unleash Your Mindset,
Rewrite Life's Score

Is your mindset a harmonious masterpiece or a discordant noise? "The Mind Symphony" explores the ensemble of thoughts, emotions, influences and actions that shape us throughout life.

Within these pages, you'll discover practical techniques intertwined with Flic's coaching wisdom, that will help you embrace the complexity of the human experience. This self-development guide serves as a transformative companion, nurturing your self-identity and amplifying your authenticity.

Enriched with scientific depth and heartfelt empathy, this powerful book will leave you confident, unleashed and ready to lead yourself. By the final crescendo, you'll wield the instruments of "The Mind Symphony," defining the unique melody of your life.

Flic Manning - The Mind Symphony - Book