Tune Into Wellbeing

Flic Manning is an award-winning Radio Broadcaster, Author, Host, Ambassador and Coach. She passionately shares the scientific and wellbeing insights she has gained from her years of study, leadership and lived experience with chronic illness. Tune in as Flic presents sustainable self-development skills in an uplifting, empathetic and utterly human way; with a key focus on Mindset, Wellbeing and Neuroscience.


"Living Human is a must-read!"

Whitney Holtzman

Best-selling author of "You Are the First You"

"Empowering, articulate & poised."

Aneka Srinivasan

Project Lead - Mental Health Foundation of Australia

"Flic opens her heart!"

Fred Schebesta

Founder of Finder, Author of "Go Live"

Flic Manning - Living Human Debut Memoir - Coming 2021

"A profound story of hope and resilience."

Jacinta Parsons

ABC Radio Broadcaster and Author of "Unseen"

"Make this book your bible!"

Mark Bunn

Best-Selling Author of "Ancient Wisdom for Modern Health"

"A gift that keeps on giving."

Leanne Raven

CEO of Crohn’s & Colitis Australia



Flic Manning is an award-winning and seasoned speaker who brings authenticity and depth to the realms of business and wellbeing. Her approach is uniquely both down-to-earth and professional, tackling vital topics like human performance, leadership, and organisational wellbeing. Described as "inspiring" and "a true leader", she has the ability to resonate with audiences, ensuring that her messages not only captivate but also create meaningful change.

While managing life-long chronic invisible diseases, Manning has built an impressive career that defies the odds. Her multifaceted experiences, from dancing and choreography to writing and advocacy, offer a rich tapestry from which she draws her insights. Her roles as an ambassador for health-focused organizations, such as Crohn's & Colitis Australia and the Mental Health Foundation Australia, speak volumes about her commitment to making a meaningful impact on both individual and organisational wellness.

As a speaker, broadcaster, and host, Flic Manning is more than just a talking head. She is a thought leader whose scope of expertise encompasses writing, performing and broadcasting, with a talent for transforming complex ideas into relatable narratives. Her 2021 memoir, "Living Human", serves as a testament to her journey and philosophy. When Flic speaks, she delivers not just motivational platitudes but actionable strategies, making her a compelling choice for organisations and individuals seeking sustainable and scalable success.

"Flic was a ‘diamond’ find for our company. Her knowledge, empathy and personality were a highlight as she spoke about burnout in the corporate sector. Our entire team all connected on some level with the discussions and the dance breaks were fun. Thank you Flic!"

The Team at PHE International/Wild Secrets

"Smart, Funny & incredibly Engaging!"

Whitney Holtzman, CEO Social Victories & Author of You Are The First You

"A breath of fresh air!"

Alyssa P, Event Coordinator - Mind Body Spirit Festival

"Flic wowed the crowd!"

Karen M, Head Event Coordinator - Ultimate Events Australia

"A master at work!"

A Pullsano, PBB Festival