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Human Performance is a super power. Flic will inspire your audience to achieve success in business and life.

Flic is a passionate and charismatic conference speaker. Her style is upbeat and entertaining, with presentations that are filled with wellbeing skills and valuable learnings that can be applied immediately to business and life.

She speaks on themes which apply to organisations and individuals alike; from improving human performance to leadership, communication, preventing burnout and overcoming adversity. Her audiences are as diverse as her life has been; from CEOs to Fitness Industry Leaders, Not-for-profits to Women’s Leadership Groups, Entertainers to Community Organisations.

Flic is authentic, experienced and extremely human. She is often described as "incredibly real, inspiring, funny and the definition of a leader". She’s an award-nominated CEO and has been an engaging entertainer and speaker for over 15 years.

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“Participants in our online event were engaged and very much enjoyed the session. Your tips on creating a self-care system were appreciated, helping women to see the importance of creating a vision of wellness in order to become priority #1. I got a lot out of it!"
J Mitchell,
Whitehorse Manningham Libraries

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"Flic Manning has been a proud ambassador for Crohn’s & Colitis Australia (CCA) since 2018. Flic’s passion for wellbeing and living life to the fullest regardless of what life throws your way, is evident in all aspects of her professional and personal life. She is the embodiment of wellbeing and a wealth of knowledge on this topic, helping others to be the best they can be.

Flic is a great motivational speaker and is highly knowledgeable about all aspects of wellbeing – physical, mental and emotional, having hosted online information forums for CCA as well as contributing her professional insights into CCA’s awareness month and fundraising campaigns each year."

Stacey James – Marketing, Communications and Fundraising Manager, Crohn’s & Colitis Australia

Flic's Expert Topics


What Silicon Valley Taught Me About Burnout

Flic will take you on a journey through the ‘pressure cooker’ experience of Silicon Valley, which will help you blaze a trail toward a happier, healthier way to be yourself at work and home. With years of start-up experience under her tattoos; Flic knows how to build sustainable self-care into the DNA of your organisation, so you can maximise your bottom line while enjoying yourself.


Navigating Your Neuro-Highway For Success

Your mindset is like a highway of chemicals you can ride from green light to green light. With your thinking shaping your experiences of life, from the cells of your body to the outcome of business projects; understanding how to maximise your mindset is the key to kicking ass. As an expert Neuroplastician and Coach, Flic will help you navigate a sustainable pathway to fulfilment.


The Real BFF: Becoming Friends With Failure

Failure is a part of every success story. From getting fired to being laughed out of doctor’s offices on her health journey, Flic has failed her way to the top; learning that the brains’ reaction to failure and pain can fuel your hunger for growth. You will discover how to embrace failure with levity, making it the best friend you never knew you needed.


Kicking The "Working Hard" Myth To The Curb

Working Smart improves wellbeing, productivity, profitability and reduces turnover. So why are we so convinced that working hard is the key to victory? Flic will open your eyes to the history of the “Working Hard” myth and inspire you to kick it to the curb; using her 3 pillars of Wellness to help you harness the most important asset in your business; humans.

Flic's Expert Topics Include:

  • Breaking The Burnout Cycle
  • Working Smart Not Hard
  • Adversity To Ambition
  • Leading With Humanity
  • Flourishing After Failure
  • Mastering Your Mindset

Flic Presents Masterclasses on:

  • The Power Of Vulnerability
  • Leading With Empathy
  • The 4 Human Drivers
  • Winning With Wellness
  • Becoming Priority #1
  • Corporate Compassion

Flic Manning’s Audiences Are Broad

Including executives, charity superstars, sales gunns, graduates, health professionals, finance teams, frontline heros and government personnel. Flic’s background in start-ups and as a CEO in Marketing, PR, IoT, Wellness, Entertainment, Neuroplasticity and Advocacy gives her vast knowledge for conference presentations. Flic will adapt her content, or create it for your specific audience and event topic. She can speak to any theme, and her ability to deeply connect with an audience at a raw-human level, will electrify, upskill and inspire your conference delegates.

Real Human,
Real Speaker

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