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Our human experiences are complex, beautiful, challenging and filled with everyday lessons worth learning.

Join Flic as she shares her guests inspiring stories of entrepreneurship, health, humanity and love.

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Mindfulness is a powerful tool used by people all over the world to help them align their minds with their bodies for an improved quality of life. Join Flic on the Corethentic Zen Meditations Podcast, where she shares her expertise in Meditation, Breathwork and Holistic Pain Management.

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A podcast host like no other

Flic Manning believes that tuning in to the stories and experiences of others, helps you to tune into your own inner voice. As the host of The Human Experience with Flic Manning and Corethentic Zen Meditations; she shares her guests’ incredible experiences, lessons and tips with her global audience.

Flic’s authentic interview style allows her diverse lineup of guests to speak about subjects like overcoming business setbacks, health challenges, social issues and self-care with an openness that is rare. Whether she’s sharing a breathing technique or interviewing a guest, Flic’s ability to bring human power into the spotlight is unmatched.

"I must honour Flic for her endeavours and purpose. She is such an amazing interviewer. I felt fully connected and heard by her. She's always been authentic in her presence and a true forward thinker."

Stefan Polastri
Director of Bloom Sparkling

"Flic is someone who is so completely generous with sharing her experiences with invisible illness, chronic pain, and mental health. In doing so, she continues to work towards reducing stigma, opening up conversations, and helping others in the community to feel seen"

Rachel Evans
Founder Re.Connection Project

"Flic spoke with a sense of authority that garnered & maintained her audiences attention, whilst simultaneously coming off as approachable, down to earth and relatable. She tackled sensitive issues with tact and sympathy."

Sarah Rav
Social Influencer and Mental Health Advocate

"Flic is incredibly dedicated, and does not give up. Ever. She loves sharing with people and helping them improve their situation now, and for a lasting future. This sharing for growth is given with empathy, detail and thoughtfulness. In business I have seen her focused on how you can help people, AND make a great, growing, scalable business that is successful in its fundamentals."

Marc Alexander
CEO of Raine, Co-founder of LIFX

Real Human,
Real Speaker

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