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& the Corethentic Consulting Team

Flic Manning, Sofia Toumbas & Tammy Bills

Sofia Toumbas, Flic Manning and Tammy Bills are Master Coaches ready to help you thrive.

You’re ready to harness the human power around you.

It’s time to build wellness into your business dna and leadership style. Let’s do this!


Corporate Workshops

Team Workshops

Flic Manning Workshops

It’s time to recharge and rewire your approach to your business. A customised-workshop is the perfect way to upskill your team with sustainable techniques which improve your bottom line, create a flourishing environment to work in, and harness the best of what your humanity has to offer.

"You knew exactly what I needed to hear to help me bring out the best in myself. I went home with a huge smile on my face and skills that will help myself and my team."

B.Carter, Workshop Delegate

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Corporate Coaching

Team Coaching

Flic Manning Coaching

Your ability to lead successfully is determined by your mindset and wellbeing. Working with the Corethentic Coaching Team is the perfect way to attune your optimal human performance. With Silicon Valley, CEO, Neuroplastic and Wellbeing experience under their belts, they are positioned to help you thrive.

"In just one hour I completely changed my mindset. Absolutely incredible."

I. Bronde Professional Model & Delegate

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Corporate Retreats

Team Retreats

Team Retreat

A fresh environment changes your brain’s ability to think critically and creatively. When your team’s wellbeing is essential, your organisation is positioned to scale. Corethentic Retreats upskill your team with tools that align the mind & body, in an environment that encourages human potential.

"I walked away from the experience relaxed, calm, excited and ready to step into my personal power."

P. Molet, Client

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The Corethentic Story -
a holistic Wellness System

Flic Manning’s experience living with chronic invisible diseases inspired her to found Corethentic; a holistic Wellness System which brings the body into alignment with the mind through her specially created Workouts, Wellness Coaching platform and Mindfulness Podcasts & Videos.

The Corethentic team includes Flic Manning, her Senior Instructors Tammy Bills and Sofia Toumbas and a suite of Mindset and Wellness Specialists with qualifications encompassing Neuroplasticity, Neurobiology, Coaching, Fitness, Holistic Pain Management and Mindfulness.

Flic Manning

Real Human,
Real Speaker

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