Why Dancers Need to Get “Tech”nical

I have very vivid memories of attending my Jazz, Tap and Ballet lessons as a little girl and dancing to a pianist. Every practice session and recital was performed with this one man on a piano. A few years later my Callisthenics club introduced cassette tape players. Since then we have had CD’s, iPods and iPhones, Laptops, Netbooks, Pen Drives and a range of other technological advances.

So with all the technology available to us it terrifies me that some studios are still just using CD and Cassette ONLY. It should feel alien now, when I show up to a dance hall and cannot use my iPhone because there is no chord or dock to facilitate it; or even worse, when I am forced to use the radio because even a CD player is not available. However again and again I am having to carry “backup” music in different formats just in case.

Teachers want to be able to walk in and start a class instead of trying to adapt their music to what you have available. Having spoken to a number of teachers the general consensus is becoming –“If it’s too hard to even play my music, I won’t teach there”.

Music technology is not the only way we seem to have fallen behind. Many up and coming dancers take to Twitter; some to Facebook; to communicate with fans and share photos. However an overwhelmingly large proportion do not. Why? The most common reason is Time. Dancers and performers are all time poor. However I am proof that if you make time it can be a phenomenal tool.

In an age when our opinion and content matters more than it has for 20 years, dancers need to evolve and start using this tool. Countless projects have come my way because I am active on the internet. I have had directors tell me that they find it easy to work with me because I can be reached anywhere, anytime in some way. They don’t like calling landlines or writing physical letters anymore. Most of my auditions are done through my photos, videos and comments online – they speak for me. In the end this has saved me a bucket load of time.

So my message is this; Dance Studios – Get with the times. Update your technology and make it easier for your teachers to be relevant and in-the-know. If you want the best you need to also provide it. Dancers and Performers – There is always time to communicate if you choose to; take hold of the opportunities that can come your way through this medium.

Remember – it’s really not that hard – you just need to click a few buttons.