Refocused on Toxicity

The past two weeks has contained more challenges than I had expected to encounter at this time in my life. It has been a wonderful reminder to me about the importance of grasping opportunities that are presented and to lead with my ambition, rather than always with old feelings of loyalty. This might seem a bizarre concept to some people – but one that is proving necessary time and time again in my life.

The fortnight started with a shock. A family emergency that left me feeling terrified, lost and extremely helpless. Although this has now settled, it shook up the very foundation of my being. It caused a chain reaction of events to occur that seemed to me at the time to be a “kick in the guts”. However, bit by bit I am seeing that this was lifes way of refocusing me on my bigger picture. I had simply got too comfortable and comfort is something not often afforded to those that want the most out of life.

At the same time this personal evolution has been taking place, my production company, Evixa has been growing. We have just completed the audition and selection process for our upcoming show “Toxicity”. This is literally a passion project for me because it is a big step in my dream. But it is without a doubt also a business venture. I am always working on both fronts in my life at the same time.

I truly aim to open up fusion dance to the international market and to create local dance jobs for the mass of very talented and often unpaid dancers we have here in Australia.

I believe that because much of the dance work in this country is offered again and again to the same group of people, we must start at a grass-roots level creating news works from scratch that give these up and coming performers a chance to show case what they can do. I suppose you could say that I am on a mission to revitalise the industry for others, and to leave a legacy behind for myself.

I am thrilled with the cast I have got for the show and am proud to call them my Principal Dancers. They inspire me, help me bring to life my own creative vision and embody that hunger and need that I also have for creative dancing. I am very thankful to have them on board and I look forward to bringing something amazing to the public.

We hope to show case what we can do at Underground in Melbourne during winter and again at The Australian Dance Festival in September. We are currently negotiating with several theatres to house our full length show either at the end of this year or early 2013.

Thank you for following my progress. I encourage you to also follow the progress of these amazing creatures of dance and my company over the following months as there is simply so much happening that I cannot write about it all in one post!

To get you started make sure you check out our audition process and the fabulous cast of our show.