Refocused and Recharged

What an interesting few months it has been so far in 2012!

I have my fingers dipped in a number of pies right now, so I have felt like I am both moving forward and treading water at the same time. Things are happening in a new way this year, and for that I am grateful.

I have been in Melbourne now for a couple of years and in that time have had to work very hard to establish myself within the dance scene which can be quite “clicky” at times. Last year I said yes to every job that came along and from that I was able to get my name and face out there much more. I had some great projects and some terrible ones in that process but made the vital connections it takes to succeed in this field.

At the end of last year I had a rush of bookings flood through carrying me well into the middle of 2012 with a variety of work, from workshops, to performances, to choreography and teaching. 90% of my current bookings have come from word of mouth and essentially from reputation; something that I find both humbling but I’m also proud of (it’s always nice to know you’re doing something right!).

With a feeling of excitement I decided to recreate my dance company Evixa, into a dance production company. I figured, why wait for someone to give me the nudge when I can do it myself? The path in getting this sorted has been hard at times and rewarding at others. I am taking our first production to the Australian Dance Festival this year which is a big step for us- daunting and thrilling at the same time.

And now, after a chance to recharge the batteries in sunny Perth, I have reset some goals. In 2012 I will focus on Evixa’s growth, I will tour the Evixa show in 2013 nationally along with reconnecting to a previous show I choreographed “Balinese Princess” for a national tour and some overseas festivals. In 2014 I will wrap my 30th year in this world with a big move to the USA. Why? Because I know who I want to work with and to give it the best chance of doing that – I have to be willing to take big risks!

If I reflect, what I have really learned in the past couple of years in Melbourne is that you can start with nothing, and build your own reality. That means that nothing is impossible in this lifetime; so I intend on taking leaps of faith others may shy away from; do work that is more eye-opening and challenging than I even think I can do and live the life I desire.  Do it all, regret nothing!